Our offer in the field of skiing is aimed at experienced skiers among our guests and interested locals.

We want to inspire you and help you to,

  • Take your skiing to the next level with technical refinements
  • To achieve individual goals or to train for it
  • To adapt your technique of piste skiing for off-piste skiing
  • To adapt style and technique to injuries or age, in order to be able to save energy, to enjoy it and to ski safely

or to make you a competent guide with ski knowledge for your children, family or friends.

The freeride and ski tour offer is aimed at beginners, amateur athletes and above-average performance skiers (for the latter, please allow corresponding lead time and planning time)

We also offer safety training on alpine hazards, how to handle the avalanche transceiver and the search for buried victims.

If you have individual wishes for the ski area, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Do you have special ambitions or goals in skiing?
Let us know and we help you achieve them!


Free skiing off the slopes in the middle of nature - ideally with fresh powder snow!


Have you ever tried gently hiking up a slope with special equipment in the middle of untouched and peaceful nature and then enjoy that very unique run just for yourself? An unforgetable experience. Try it out, its not that tiring as you might think!

Train the guide

Valuable tips on technique, strategy, line and terrain choice, if you want to lead your children, family, friends safely and carefully!


We also try to cater for the locals, seasonworkers or seasonal residents with special clinics, workshops and specifically designed lessons. See here for possibilities or contact us for ideas and suggestiones!