The other part of the team unfortunately went for a short ski on our beautiful photo day 🙂 This year we will get them on the photo ... 🙂

Our carefully selected team of about 15 to 20 ski instructors is more than a ski school! We share the joy of sports as well as our personal, customer-oriented understanding of service.

The foundation of our ski school and ski sport offer is the know-how of the highest-quality technical training and the wealth of experience gained over decades of teaching and training.

In addition, we incorporate a wide range of knowledge and experience from other sports, diverse education, psychology, communication or personal areas of life.

Mountainmind continues to pool and develop these potentials

- as a team - across generations - with our customers

... because it makes us happy

... because we can offer you  "more" than ski school

And - we value personality and - with all professionalism -

also on authenticity and a sense of humor!

Mission Statement

Our values...                                                                                                    


PRIVATE LESSONS - variable hours                                               

GROUP LESSONS - for adults

Kids & Teens

GROUP LESSONS - for kids                                                            

NO SCHOOL IS COOL - for teens

PRIVATE LESSONS - variable hours


in the Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser/Brixental and the Kitzbühler Alps - for all levels from red pistes up to off-piste


You appreciate individualized support, which increasingly includes personality-specific aspects in addition to the technical sketches. Let yourself be surprised by the positive effects that the focus can have on the interaction between these two perspectives!

Next Level

Exercise series alone are not enough! It takes a lot of experience, complex knowledge of ski technique and equipment and above all a trained eye to be able to press the right button.