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Private lessons


1 to 2 persons or in small private groups from 3 to 6 persons

Precisely tailored to your current level and your wishes – the optimal development in technique, style, elegance and selfconfidence – on request with video analysis and creative training methods.  

Contact us for any number of hours and days you are interested in!

Group lessons adults

In SMALL GROUPS (4 to a maximum of 9 people) we offer you a mix of technique, information, fun and safety and can respond flexibly and individually to all group members.

The group courses also include guiding days – according to your current abilities – in the Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser / Brixental.



Through the Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser / Brixental and the Kitzbühel Alps.

For all levels of abilitiy starting from red slopes on to offpiste. We will find the most rewarding slopes and variants for you. Professional Guiding goes far beyond the mere orientation in ski areas or open terrain. We vary the pace and the choice of lines and optimize them in your interest! Tips on technique, style and safety included! For freeriders safty first – if necessary, we rent safety equipment and familiarize you with the use of it.


Do you value individualized care, which increasingly includes personality-specific aspects in  skiing?

Let yourself be surprised by the positive effects that the focus on the interaction between ski style and personality can have. Trained coaches make skiing a very special experience for you!

Please contact us personally for this special and individual service.


Group lessons children

In SMALL GROUPS (4 to a maximum of 9 children) we value

  • optimization of safety
  • efficient and flexible learning without waiting times
  • team spirit, trust, enjoyment of sport, tolerance and support
  • parent coaching: for those who will be skiing alone with their kids

Suitable for children of 5 years of age and older. Younger children please only on request! Nosy day: come and see if you like it!

If you have any inquirys regarding skischool or courses just contact us personally!

No school is cool - für teenager

A group especially for our teenagers who do not want to hear something of “school” again! Relaxed, chilled atmosphere – modern tricks and moves in terrain adapted to their skill!

Boredom prohibited! And yet experienced coaches pay attention in their own way to safety, appreciative handling and further technical development in a playful and natural way.




Our philosophy in other words: back to the roots – similar to how we ourselves learned to ski and some have also successfully taught our own children! Less is often more!

According to the current skills of the children, we use natural ski terrain, fun parks of the ski world Wilder Kaiser / Brixental, ski cross-country trails or suitable off-piste terrain.

We want to teach children the joy of skiing in a natural learning environment and also turn them into safe, prudent little skiers.

Accordingly, we invest in qualified ski instructors who can build up a personal basis of trust with your children in small groups.


At mountainmind you can request  professional parent coaching if you plan to ski with your kids on your own. As a weekly finale, instead of a race we prefer alternative surprises, based on team spirit and mutual appreciation and support.

Of course also children can make use of private lessons, one to one or in the private small groups. For very performance-oriented children or those with special requirements, find out about our training and coaching services.

Next Level

You feel stuck at a certain level of your skiing skills, development does not seem to be quite successful?

Maybe despite repeated attempts in ski schools?

Repetitiones of exercise series alone are not enough to help you along!

It takes a lot of experience, complex knowledge about ski technique, style and individual personal requirements and above all a trained eye to be able to set the right lever.

Next Level – for more options, safety and skiing pleasure!



Been a long time since you skied? Turned rusty? Back after an injury or illness? Or just forgot how enriching and invigorating this sport can be?
Comebacks are very individual and need special attention. It may be necessary to make technical adjustments or rebuild confidence.

Please contact us for reservations, more information or any other inquiries.

Maybe in you will also find some interesting alternatives for your skiing holiday!