Ski lessons for locals SkiWelt / Söll

We are planning workshops with the following main topics and are looking forward to establish one or the other regular group!


From a certain level of skill and experience, it is often details that make a subtle difference! You gain in control and safety - even in difficult conditions and off-road - your style is more elegant, sportier or even less power. Your strategy or choice of materials can also provide important impulses.

Ski tours - From the slopes out into the terrain

Ascending technique, equipment, professional handling of safety equipment, basic knowledge of the assessment of snow and avalanche situation,

safe behavior in open terrain, optimization of skiing technique for more skiing enjoyment, first joint easier tours

Parents & children

Valuable practical tips on how and where you can ski stress-free and safely with your children and how you can create a solid technical foundation in a relaxed and joyful manner. The more you know about it as a parent, the better you can accompany your children!


You have not skied for a long time, an injury is not long past, or there are individual or age-related restrictions. Recover confidence in a relaxed atmosphere, develop strategies, make technical adjustments for a gentle, safe and energy-saving style - once again enjoy skiing!