Info Covid-19 Situation


Yes, it is tricky to make plans this season ...

                 ...but we try our best to stay postive


Due to the current regulations, travelling restrictions and quarantene rules in Austria and other countries unfortunately regular skiing tourism can basically start on 7.1.21 the earliest possible.

Many of the Skiwelt Lifts plan to open on Dec. 25 but hotels, pensiones, bars and restaurants remain closed until 7.1.21.

Residents can use the lifts individually, in familiy groups, or together with members of one other household. The common rules for distance, hygienic and wearing a mask or buff apply. Gondolas will operate with 50 % capacity regarding seats.

Basically the services of skischool mountainmind is available for private lessons or groups of one familiy up to 6 people or any kind of individual training, although realistically at the moment most likely only for resident skiers.

We feel sorry for all dedicated skiers out there who cannot get to the mountains at the moment. We really hope the situation will get better soon and you can follow your passion and dreams again!

Feel free to contact us, if we can help you with any information or question. We are happy to provide more details about the current situation and further developments as good as we can!

Despite all the difficulties at the moment we do wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year. Main thing is that you and your loved ones all stay healthy and positive as good as possible. We are looking forward to seeing you all again in the white on the mountains soon!